Saturday, September 21, 2019

Checking in. How are you?

Hello and hello! How are you?

Had my first radiation appointment this week. 

My 80th doctor visit of the year. I should be done by Thanksgiving WoOt! 

Please admire my bunny butt hair.:-)

 All in all, things are going great. 
I am so extremely grateful for my super family, friends and all the love and friendship there is in the world. 

Best thoughts,



Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life. ~ Mark Twain


  1. I am sure you'll be glad when you get a reprieve at Thanksgiving, thanks for letting us know how you are getting on. Sending hugs from Australia.
    Jenni xx

  2. Sending hugs & encouragement from Pennsylvania!

  3. So pleased to hear treatment near completion Marilyn - I wonder how you will celebrate this momentous occasion - here in the UK there is debate whether the tradition of 'ringing the bell' on the Oncology unit (to mark the end of treatment) is fair to other patients still undergoing worrying times, so I began to imagine how you might want to celebrate the occasion.
    Perhaps it would be to shove all the hospital paperwork & paraphernalia in a draw having first sprinkled with sweet smelling oil to make a pot pouri of past memories or maybe you would prefer a joyful meal with family or perhaps some quiet reflection with a cup of herbal tea and friends but I like to think there will be a moment or two for something completely off-the-wall where you can dance wild and free to the rhythm of your own spirit .... whatever you chose the UK sends you abundant wishes that your days will always be full of radiance, energy, warmth and gaiety with a generous sprinkling of excitement.

    Time to plan now, shall it be a slow walz or the Pasodoble?

  4. Glad to hear you are doing well. Your bunny butt hair is cute! :)

  5. What a journey this has been for you! So impressed with the way you have shared it and helped the rest of us face our own battles. Sending love from Nebraska, and can't wait to celebrate with you, come November!

  6. May your journey continue on filled with life, light, and love. The beauty of heart shines through. The hair will return, the difficulties recede, and grace will hold its course.

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  8. I hope you are doing well! Sending all my best wishes to you!

  9. God Bless you now and always:)

  10. You’re beautiful- miss your emails.


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