Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Be Mighty!

So, I'm at the market on yesterday, and this punk haired young man says, "Can ask you for some Mom advice?" And I just laugh, because as I've said before, I just have a face that people talk to. He's carrying two bags of prewashed lettuce and is looking for precooked chicken strips. He's fixing dinner for his girlfriend. So I walk him over to the cold case where they are and wish him a wonderful Valentine's Day.

Twenty years ago, I would have been squeezing into a tight dress and been going out all hot stuff. Now days, I have a different kind of mighty. I have the superpowers that moms all over the world have. We can give advice, find things, pat hands, clean up cat mess, negotiate family conflicts, and bake cookies.
We middle-aged suburban ladies have mad skills.

Be Mighty!

That is all I have to say.



  1. I just read this and at some appropriate time down the road I will send it to my darling daughter who is in labor with her first child.
    (Obviously I won't be sending it anytime soon~)
    Wonderful post..thank you!

  2. Thanks, friends! And sending good thoughts to the baby on the way. <3

  3. We do have some mad skills! I've been told I give the best "mom" hugs from this kid at work who was needing one one day. He said it was a real hug, one that made everything better. Who knew I had that kind of strength... Happy to share it with the world.

  4. Hi Marilyn!
    Just reading back a bit, and had to tell you I loved this post! Us "Mom figures" do attract the young men in the grocery store... a few days ago I helped one find cookie dough in tubes, and last summer one needed advice for a bad sunburn. It's good to feel needed!

    Good to meet you!


  5. Dana, mom hugs are the best!

    Kim, nice to meet you too. :-) Marilyn.

  6. Mighty, with Mad Skills! like that :)

  7. Happy Day! I love coming to this site.


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