Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring in the Garden

Spring is here!

I went to Little India with my friend Aleta yesterday and picked up some delights. We both love to cook so it was a treat to just wander through all of the spice shops and small groceries. I bought Rooster sauce, chapati, garum masala, lovely fennel (so fragrant), broad beans and a used sari from the thrift store.

We hung the sari on the gazebo. It matches the tablecloth I made... and the cat.
(Fabric from the outlet store = nine bucks) :-)

The pond is doing well and the two new GIANT fish, Odin and Big Pink have settled in. I love to watch them swim around, so relaxing. We've had a few waterlilies so far.

Mister Turtle getting some sun. A student gave him to the Wonderhub because she wanted to make sure he had a good home and didn't think that he would survive at her house. 
Mister Turtle is fat and sassy here.

We have four blueberry bushes. The berries never make it into the house. We just eat them as soon as they are ripe.

The zucchini is coming along in the back raised bed. We have tarragon, thyme, lettuce, spinach, chilies and a huge amount of basil. Bring on the summer pesto!

Artichokes tonight!

The tomatoes are doing well.  The wonderhub planted everything from romas to heirlooms. We grow them in pots because the soil here is adobe.

Limes are done, lemons are coming in.

We had home grown broccolini the other night. Delish! 

 The Wonderhub is working on a few new guitars and ukuleles. 
He's also making some very fine pens if you are interested. They make lovely gifts.

Lovely hand turned exotic wood pens = thirty bucks plus S&H.


I'm working on two books, more about that later, and waiting to here back from the fabric company about my design submissions. The boy has another six weeks of school before summer vacation. 

What creative things are happening at your house? Do dish!



 "Let the beauty you love be what you do, there are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth." ~ Rumi