Friday, July 12, 2013

The Lost Blog

Jeepers, I haven't written anything in a long time. Silly Facebook gets posts every day and my newsletter goes out every month but poor neglected blog... you get nuthin' I wonder why that is?

We have been busy... in no particular order...

The Wonderhub and I went to a concert in the park last Tuesday. Tasty sandwiches and a Beatles Cover Band. 

 We went to see Emo Philips reading Peter and the Wolf at the Huntington Beach Library. He was wonderfully funny and we got to meet him.

 I made focaccia for a potluck, stuffed with olives, artichoke hearts and cheese, topped with home grown tomatoes and Parmesan. Tasty!

I've been trying to sew a little every night. One of the local fabric stores is going out of business so I've been stocking up. I'll post more on this mania later.

 The Secret Garden Book is coming along nicely...

The cats have been helping out as only cats can. The boy is learning how to drive... so creative and busy! That's our summer. How about you?


Oh be swift to love,

make haste to be kind. 

 ~ Henri-Frédéric Amiel


  1. Oh, that focaccia sounds awesome!!! Recipe maybe? Somehow, I'm not surprised you have found fabric/sewing. LOL I had my own stash, then was gifted with loads from my mom. o.O At least it is organized. :-)

    1. The bread recipe was a version of this from my wonderful friend Celia...

      I just added cherry tomatoes on top and left out the meat.

      Check out her blog. It is delicious. :-)

  2. Great to see that you all are having a busy and beautiful summer. The bread looked to me, at first glance that is, to be some kind of crazy, wild, jellybean cake... perfect for a "toymaker." (I think.) Focaccia... jelly bean... either way, I am inspired!

    Keep on blogging!


    1. Thanks, Lisa! Those were some of our too many tomatoes. We have all colors this year, red, yellow, pink and zebra striped green. No jellybean flavor though. :-)

  3. What a lovely and creative summer you are having - a delightful inspiration to the rest of us!

    1. Thanks, Marcia, you inspire me too! <3 Hugs, M

  4. It all sounds too wonderful for words. AND you get to go to Comic Con soon! Hooray for summer! :) xxx

  5. "The Wonderhub" - I love it! The reading of Peter and the Wolf must have be an absolute delight!


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