Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Creative Connection

It has been a busy few weeks. I'm taking off for San Francisco again this weekend for LitQuake, which is a book festival and to speak at the Charles Schulz Museum.

I haven't done any baking in weeks, though with  Fall coming, it's starting to be pie weather. I also feel a big house purge coming on. Time to make space so magic can happen.

I still am catching up after teaching at the Creative Connection in Saint Paul. I'm going through all the swag that I came back with. Lots of cool stuff here...

 This is the view out of my hotel room. That is the Mississippi River, though I'm wondering why at this end it wouldn't be called the "Minnesota River" The weather was brisk and lovely for walking.

 I came back with so many goodies, including a couple of giant bags of Starbuck's coffee beans. It was kind of like trick or treating for moms.

One of the sponsors was McDonald's and they did these spiff centerpieces with layers of oats, raisins, nuts and coffee beans. I snagged up coupons for their oatmeal, which has raisins and chopped apples and I swear tastes like it was warmed by the breath of unicorns.

Cricut had a booth where they interviewed people holding paper props. I picked a light bulb because of all the great ideas swirling about.

I'm still feeling a bit like Cinderella after the ball. "What's next?" I keep thinking. I'm working like crazy on the second Haunted Histories book with J.H. Everett, finishing up another Toymaker Calendar, and making toys.

How about you? What's caught your fancy this week?



  1. You're soooo cute! How nice to see your interview! I'm glad you're having fun! :)

  2. You amuse and delight me Marilyn,and I'm 64, but then I've always referred to myself as just a "big kid." Thanks so much for all you share. In fact, I hadn't seen your latest newsletter in my email when I recommended your site to one of my 8th graders this morning. She had just finished the Tamora Pierce Alanna series that I had loaned her, and she loved the books. I told here that I think you are friends with Tamora. Do I have the right connection? I remember from a journal entry from a couple of years ago, you spoke of being friends with a YA fantasy writer. My student is excited that that there are so many more Tamora Pierce books for her to read. I think she will also be excited by all the wonderful resources on your site.

  3. Did you ever meet someone and feel like you've known them since forever? Tammy Pierce is made out of wonderful. I was lucky enough to meet her a couple of years ago when we were speaking at a conference. I hadn't read any of her books but she was obviously a completely clever, kickass woman.I loved her Alanna series and especially the "Protector of the Small"

    Props for recommending her! She is a treasure.


  4. And so are you! Thanks so very much for responding. It made my day!
    I can't wait to share your site with some of my students.
    Happy Halloween to you and the boy and wonder hub.

    By the way, I'm currently reading Eona, the sequel to Eon. It's a terrific read, and it's got Dragons!


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