Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quote of the Day


  1. Oh! The new blog is lovely. I saw in your Livejournal comments that you figured out how to post these entries there automatically, which is definitely the best of both worlds.

  2. Hi,Merelin!We are namesake(near by))
    I"m toy maker as well(make mistake in nick-name,becouse was lazy at school))
    Thank you for good mood and great art,I find in your bljg!

  3. You have been amusing and delighting my family and i for a very long time.Id like to say hi and thankyou so much for the gifts that you give without hesitation and which i snatched without thankyou.I have seen some dark days with my son with aspergers and my imagination and need to create have been my saving grace,At times you have given me inspiration and patterns to spark my creative flame and carry on.Thankyou thanyou to a friend i just have not had the luck yet to meet.
    Jullie In Australia

  4. Nice quote, but please check your spelling! It's "Yeats" - not "Yates".

  5. Yeats! Of course! Thanks for catching that.


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