Friday, February 15, 2013

Buell Children's Museum

The Mysterious Math Carnival

 The Buell Children's Museum made life sized versions of the toys from my new e-Book "The Mysterious Math Carnival for an exhibit.

Kids can roll the turtles in  The Turtle Arcade.

Feed the Picky Parrot

 Grumpy Monkeys

And the kids can play "Counting Clown Fish"

They even filled a display case with all my paper toys. I am tickled pink.

The Mysterious Math Carnival will be available to buy as a PDF download soon. Let's make math fun!

Wishing you a creative week,



"A mind is a fire to be kindled, not a vessel to be filled."  ~ Plutarch


  1. Maz, this is absolutely wonderful! I'm tickled pink for you! xx

  2. This is marvelous. My daughter home schools my grandchildren and I can't wait to start making these Math Toys for them to use! I used to love to teach math to first graders using games and toys! Thank you! What a wonderful display that is!

  3. Tell me more!
    I'm a student of your moms, now in charge of my own class of Kinders!
    (Year 14 for me!)

  4. Sara, Here's a link to the book.

  5. Oooh. Does this mean that the Kickstarter bonus whatsits are going to be coming out soon? Inquiring minds want to know as I have an *awesome* school teacher whose going to get one!

    1. Ms. Hobbit, did you order an eBook and not get it or would you like to buy one? Let me know! Thanks! Marilyn.