Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Haunted Histories

20 days...

July 17th....

Something I've been working on for four years....

Haunted Histories.


  1. Finally some darkness and ghosted dust!!
    I will love to see dark tales made from an original tale maker.. :)

  2. Thanks, Friend! This book is a middle grade reader that talks about castles, dungeons and palaces. It's a fun little read, packed full of all kinds of interesting historical tidbits.

    Here's the Kirkus review. It got a star, which is a good thing. :-)

    Kirkus Reviews
    History is more haunted than readers may think. Disney might have some believing that castles are clean, pink and full of unicorn tapestries. But Virgil Dante, youngest Master Ghostorian in London, is here to disabuse readers of that notion, ostensibly with the help of his raven, Thor, and a passel of ghosts. They tour history with the assistance of a cursed pocket watch and look in on castles, dungeons, palaces and graveyards. Here and there, they learn a thing or two from a "real" ghost from the locale and time period they are visiting. More often, Virgil just lectures in a colloquial narrative voice or offers maps, lists and diagrams of horrible places and things in world history. The usual suspects get the eye: The Tower of London and the Bastille figure prominently, but there are also lesser-known nests of nastiness like Himeji Castle in Japan and Castle Neuschwanstein in Bavaria. Everett and Scott-Waters have put together an instructive, amusing-enough gross-and-horrible history title. However, it feels a bit scattered, and the ghosts are few and far between. Abundant black-and-white illustrations are grisly and spooky enough to hold interest. Reluctant historians may find Virgil's "ghostory" appealing. (timeline, maps, resources) (Nonfiction. 8-12)

  3. Wow! This sounds great! I like the old, dusty places! And, the spirits!
    Lookin' forward to this one!


  4. Great! Im counting days to get my hard copy.. (and some extra days for shipping in Greece...) :)

  5. I love ghost stories. I am a wee bit older than the 8-12 range but a ghost story is a ghost story. Best wishes on you new book.