Saturday, June 18, 2011

What's in your garden?

I love when Celia of Fig Jam and Lime Cordial posts updates about her garden. (She has chickens!) It's winter in Sydney and yet her garden is still blooming.

It's the end of spring here so I thought I'd post a few picts of what's growing in Southern California.

The wonderhub brought home a huge bucket of sunflowers from the school garden.

Tomatoes! We got 'em coming in!

This is an heirloom "Black Zebra" It should turn red and dark burgundy in a week or so.


 Herbs, basil, cilantro, parsely, catnip, and dill

 A giant purple basil bush for the bees

 The last of the artichokes

 An artichoke about to bloom purple 

 More tomatoes!

Morning glories on the tangerine tree.


No two gardens are the same.  No two days are the same in one garden.  ~Hugh Johnson


  1. Gorgeous woman, I just ate my very first Black Zebra tomato today!! Honest! I bought a mixed box, and there were several in there - they're delicious, a little more acidic than the bella rossas that were also in the box, and just oh so pretty! Thanks for the link, and for so many beautiful photos - I feel warmed up just looking at them! :)

  2. Celia! Glad to hear that Black Zebra tomatoes are tasty.

    Peter, that pretty much sums it up. :-)