Thursday, June 9, 2011


Yesterday I went over to my friend, Alice's house. Here's a picture of her desk. I love her New England pitcher that she uses for a brush holder. It has pictures of the presidents.

 We had tea.
When I got home I realized that my desk was too cluttered. I counted 18 bottles of ink alone.

Here's mine before the great tidy.

And after.



  1. If your desk is *anything* like mine, that will last a total of 12 hours, and then will be back to its cluttered self. :) As soon as I get everything clean, I always think "Hmmm... What can I do with all this space?!?!" and then pull down two or three projects to work on. haha

  2. Thanks, Marcia! Lanine, I'm hoping to keep it somewhat orderly until tomorrow. The curator for the Thatcher Gallery at the University of San Francisco is coming by tomorrow to pick out pieces for the Studio Five show.

    It'll be back to entropy by Saturday. :-)

  3. Amazing! Such lovely creative spaces. You two should be featured in that magazine about where women work.

    I can never find things after I tidy up. I still cannot find a stack of mail that disappeared the last time I answered the call to neaten up my studio. It was nice to have a wider space to work in though. :)

  4. Hey Limner! Me too. I can't find a thing. I'd love to be in "Where Women Work" magazine. (even if it meant having to clean out my closet... which isn't too messy, just full. :-)

  5. I just took a long look at my desk and it seems very similar to your before shot.

  6. Mine has started to migrate back to the "before" position but I keep glaring at it. :-)

  7. I need a bigger desk maybe.....yeah...that's it.