Sunday, May 22, 2011


I painted eight  pictures of butterflies today. They are okay, a little underwhelming. Must resist the temptation to chuck the paintbox in the bin. I want to learn how to paint with watercolor.

What's frustrating is that if I colored them up the way I usually do they would look one hundred times better. But to learn something new one must be willing to be mediocre for a while.

The color in the scans is much more vibrant then the actual artwork.

Ah, don't mind me. Grumble, grumble, grumble.

“Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment." ~ Claude Monet.


  1. Watercolor is supposed to be understated, isn't it?
    I'm a doodler, not an artist, but I use watercolor when I want soft outlines and quiet highlights. I would be bragging about those butterflies, not grumbling. ;)

  2. Heidiannie, wise advice. :-)

    The color on these is much nicer on the computer screen then here in the real word. The dark blue butterfly looks almost black, not the pretty blue here.

    The most successful are the top four, in my opinion. The bottom too, where I tried black and brown ink outlines. Part of my discontent may be the paper that I am using. Back to the drawing board.

    Hugs, M

  3. I think you're very brave trying something new! I wish I could paint that well! As for the technicalities of water painting...well...sorry I definitely can't help with that...that's why I have to stick to writing, not painting.

  4. Seriously??? They are GORGEOUS! :-) Your work always pleases my eyes.

  5. I think these look very pretty, even more so when I imagine their colours more subdued than what's showing on the screen! :)

  6. Dear Marilyn,
    I have been naughty :-(
    I love these butterflies so much that I printed them out and made a string pendulum from them.
    (one sheet normal and one sheet as mirrorimage)
    And between each of your butterflies I knotted a ribbon.
    It is now colorful hanging at the window above my desk.
    Giving me inspration :-)like you did before with the bluebirds!
    You placed it on my Birthday May 22 so thanks for the lovely gift :-)

  7. Elvira, that is so cool. I'd love to see a photo of your creation. Sounds lovely!

    And a belated happy birthday to you. :-)


  8. you mean you don't use watercolor on all your work?? You totally tricked me!!!How do you get them so beautifully painted? For someone who has water in the name, watercolors ought to be your friend:)
    I love the to maker and wish you all the success in the world!
    Cheers from Brazil

  9. Cris, sometimes I use watercolor but I also do a lot of work in Photoshop. It's all fun!

    Thank you for your kind wishes.

    um beijo, Marilyn