Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pondering Halloween.

Sometimes, I make toys by figuring out the structure first and then decorating it. Other times I doodle up little characters and patterns and go from there.

I came up with these fabrics and little characters. What would you make?


  1. They're all so cute, I don't know how you'll decide! Make'em all, Maz! :)

    I once made a skeleton costume for my son - it was made from black lycra which I sewed into a snug all in one (used a wetsuit pattern). I then ironed on strips of reflective tape in the shape of bones. He won a prize! :)

  2. Celia! Will do!

    The skeleton costume sounds awesome! What a great idea. I love making the boy's halloween costumes. It's the only time of year that I pull out the sewing machine.

  3. When I look at those little guys I see parent's day at school, maybe ghoul school?
    The fabric could be the rooms and the characters little pop-ups in them.