Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July to all my American Friends!

We are off to a BBQ and to see fireworks. I'm hoping for corn on the cob.

What's your favorite part of summer?

Wishing you happiness!



  1. Good to check in and see that all's well!

    Things at your house must be as busy as thing are at ours if the quantity of your blog speaks for your calendar.

    Great likenesses of the founding fathers. I like Ben Franklin's little, tricky smile. He really must have been something else. Could it be that we are all related because of Ben?? It's that Pursuit of Happiness path. . .

    Hope your tomatoes are jucy and your corn is sweet!--Marion in Ohio

  2. Marion! My Friend! How have you been?

    I now, I've been the worst blogger ever this year. I switched to Wordpress and it loads slowly for me and takes forever to write a post. PLus I'll have finished three books by the end of summer, just crazy.

    The corn was sweet and delicious. The tomatoes are dark red and ready for salsa.

    If I had to pick one founding father to have to dinner you know that Ben would be the most fun.

    Hugs to all,


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