Tuesday, May 30, 2017

"Are you rich?"

For a while now we've been getting together with a few neighbors and having "Yoga Night" We all pitch in ten bucks for the instructor, push the furniture to the walls and roll our mats on the floor.

At first it was horrible. I'm built with all the grace of a sea manatee. All this "Warrior Poses" and Downward Dog" seemed silly to me and made me feel dumpy and awkward. We'd stand on one leg balancing precariously. Our ever patient instructor would say, "Now grow your tree" and I'd wave my hands in the air before falling over like a ficus in a hurricane. It's slowly gotten easier and I reluctantly admit that it has been beneficial.

I've stuck it out because I love seeing my friends and we all potluck afterwards.  The prospect of a delicious meal and some Merlot is a strong motivator. We pick a theme every week for the dinner, Indian, Middle Eastern, Japanese, Italian. We try to keep it fairly healthy and it's always a feast of food and interesting conversations.

One of our group is in college and when she told a friend that we get together for private yoga lessons at her house the friend asked incredulously, "Are you rich?" 

It got me thinking. Yes, we are rich, not so much in money, rather in health and time and mostly in good friends. Now we're planning more inexpensive things to do this summer. Any suggestions?

Best thoughts,



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 Remember, it was amateurs who built the ark.

 It was professionals who built the Titanic.


  1. Loved the story and mostly your drawing of the trees. Funny I immediately thought of shoe trees - but seriously there must be something wrong with my brain.
    A suggestion of things your team could do this summer:
    - Ask to be a guest art-craft teacher at a local seniors home.
    - Treasure hunt.
    - Come visit me for lunch. I've been dying to have a party - I'll have the Merlot all ready - I think a bottle serves 8?

    Cannot wait for your next post. Great job.

    Happy thoughts,
    Upstate New York

    1. Petrina, I wish I had a jetpack. I'd zoom right over. Hugs, Marilyn

  2. A few ideas that come to mind:
    1. Build a fort from cardboard boxes or blankets
    2. Make a fairy house at the base of a tree
    3. Watch clouds or stars
    4. International cooking night, pick a country and hand out recipes for a pot luck
    5. Outdoor movies, if anyone has a projector
    6. Postcrossing (send postcards around the world and receive them in exchange)

    I love your work and wish you good luck with your list!

    1. Laura, hello! I like ALL these lovely suggestions. I think outdoor movies would be a hoot. Thanks so much, Marilyn.