Monday, November 23, 2015


I've been painting a lot this last couple of month. It's soothing and gives me a feeling of accomplishment. I like the buttery feel of the brush and oil paint. I like mixing the colors, even the names are wonderful, Alizarin crimson, Naples Yellow, Payne's Grey, Cobalt, Umber, Cadmium Red, ultramarine... I like them all.

 Here is some of my work from the last couple of months.

3 x 4 Koi falling and flying


 Girl with White Flowers

 A tiny painting that I donated to the Muckenthaller for a fundraiser. I heard that it sold. 

 Warm colors on a cool background. 

 Stormy, the most disappointed cat in the world.

 A Matisse color palette 

Thinking about Edward Hopper.

 A ridiculously Happy Cat

 Monsoon coming to Sedona.

Wishing you a creative week! 



"The world always seems brighter when you've just made 
something that wasn't there before" ~ Neil Gaiman


  1. I want to be on the train going down those Hopper tracks...with that smiling pink kitty on my lap!

  2. Oh my gosh, they're beautiful! You're so talented :)

    1. Thank you so much. I'm having a good time experimenting with new ideas. :-)

  3. Always love to get your posts. I LOVED how you shared how your caring for your mom, as we just moved my elderly mother here late summer. she is 74. And ironically I just started watercolors here, and it's going well too! I've got a great teacher! :) Your oils are looking good too. Merry Christmas! :)

  4. Your oil paintings are wonderful! The landscape reminds me of a local Tasmanian doing contemporary landscapes:

    He uses beeswax to mix in with the oils from his brother's Honey Company.

    I thought it might inspire you. thanks for all your creativity. Your Secret Garden book helped us in our first year of home schooling.

    Amy Boyd

    1. Thanks, Amy, for the kind words and the link. Lovely stuff. Glad that you liked A Year In the Secret Garden. <3