Thursday, June 4, 2015

In My Kitchen for June

This last month was busy with birthdays and Mother's Day.

Victoria Sponge Cake with Chocolate Ganache frosting for Mother's Day. 

I had never made a ganache frosting before and it was surprisingly easy. I used very dark 80% chocolate and it bordered on bitter. Next time I'll be a bit more generous with the sugar. The fresh strawberries made it juicy and sweet.

 I love broccoli and picked up a bunch of broccolini from the farmer's market. I used it in a stir fry with seitan, bell peppers and sesame seeds.

Also for Mother's Day I made a tropical fruit salad with apples, oranges, raspberries and strips of mango.

Breadmania continued... 

I finished my "Twenty Hour Challenge" of bread baking. I learned a lot. I like the routine of it, and there is something to be about a process that billions of cooks have done for centuries. I'm not sure what my next kitchen challenge will be.

For my birthday my hub bought me a glorious Le Creuset sauce pan. For it's maiden voyage I made a Bearnaise sauce. Mostly I've been using it to flash boil veg. It's just the right size for peas, green beans or broccoli.

 The rest of Mother's Day was pretty quiet so I made some pasta. I don't make pasta from scratch very often but I bought a bag of good semolina flour and thought I'd try it out.

The paper toy for the month of April was tiny books, which you can find here...

Finally, I've been posting a dragon's hoard of jewelry in my Etsy shop, lots of shiny happy things.

What's been happening in your kitchen?

Wishing you a creative week,



 Don't be afraid to attempt something new.

 Remember, it was amateurs who built the ark.

 It was professionals who built the Titanic.


  1. I'm so sorry we missed this one Maz, it's on the list now! Not sure how that happened, as I'm following you via email! So glad that the breadmania is continuing - what's next on the list? :) I'm going to check out the tiny books now.. xxx

    1. No worries, thanks for the link! I did a dried cherry and chocolate loaf today that was delish! The boy gave the hub a set of meat spices for Father's Day. They have a steak test contest in their future. :-)

  2. Wonderful breads you are baking. And the pasta looks great. I am going to take a look at your etsy site.

    1. Thank, Liz! I need a lazy afternoon to make more pasta. It is delish.

  3. what beautiful bread! And I love the fruit salad too, so pretty. Nice to see another veggie IMK