Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cookie Avalanche!

In a fit of domestic mania that Martha Stewart and Snow White would envy, I made three batches of cookies this afternoon. 

I blame this book. I got it when I was five and learned to bake my first cookies from it.  The illustrations are really cute. It also shows boys cooking, and who doesn't love that?

Here we have Peanut Crispies, Fudge Crinkles (made from a fudge cake mix) and Sugar Cookies with chocolate chips. I did all the mixing in the food processor so it only took about an hour to make all three kinds.

 I wanted to take some to my mom's house so I turned the empty cake mix box inside out, taped the corners and stamped the cover with stars. Instant container!

 A sweet treat, don't you think. :-)

Here's a screenshot of the Fudge Crinkles recipe from the Betty Crocker webpage. Super easy. I didn't even mess with chilling the dough or rolling balls in powdered sugar. I just spooned the dough onto parchment paper and ten minutes later... yummers!

Now I have six batches of frozen cookie dough ready to bake. Bring it on, December!

Do you like to cook? Who taught you? How did you learn?

Warm thoughts,



Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all. ~ Harriet Van Horne


  1. Cute Marilyn!
    I bet your mom loved it. I never heard of this kind of recipe before. Thanks for sharing. I might have to try in at put it into my recipe collection blog for a keepsake. I am really not much of a cookie baker, but those sound easy for sure. I enjoy baking brownies and sweet breads instead..

    1. The chocolate cookie recipe was so simple. I added more vanilla and didn't roll them in powdered sugar first. They came out great!

  2. Hooray for cookies! Lovely recycled box too! :)