Monday, August 5, 2013

M&L Fabric Superstore

Thread is flying in the Toymaker's Workshop. I'm working on my first sewn toy pattern, something simple for kids to make.

Yesterday I went to M&L fabric warehouse in Anaheim. It's a supermaket of fabric.

I could have gone crazy but I like to have a pattern in mind before I start loading up on material.

I thought this strange bird fabric was cool but didn't buy it because I couldn't think of anything to make with it. Maybe the lining of a jacket? What do you think? Suggestions?

I also liked this teal print  too, but again, wasn't sure what to make with it so I put it back.

These are the three fabrics that I ended up buying teal knit for a top, pink satin to make my mom a pillowcase and a yard of paprika colored lace to use for trim.

I made this yesterday, a long knit lightweight jacket in cranberry with plum voile trim. Snazzy! Bring on the cold weather.

May your seams be straight!



I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~  Unknown


  1. Wow! I'd go crazy in a store like that. :D I agree that the bird fabric would make an excellent lining for a coat. I think the blue swirl fabric would make a pretty awesome vest or a cute little top hat...maybe both? Fun stuff! I love the jacket you made. I think it looks very comfortable and classy.

  2. Shouldn't that be M&L Fabrics?