Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sewing Mania Continues...

 Don't be afraid to attempt something new.

 Remember, it was amateurs who built the ark.

 It was professionals who built the Titanic. 

JoAnne Fabrics had a ninety nine cent sale on Simplicity Patterns so I snagged a couple of new patterns to try. I'm going to practice a bit more before attempting my Opera Coat design.

I'm going to attempt the jacket. It's a boxy kind of shape so I made a few modifications. I lengthened is a couple of inches (to cover my backside) and I'm going to add toggle buttons so I can close the front. I'm also going to add buttons on the 3/4 length sleeves. I bought the fabric at an upholstery warehouse, three yards times six bucks = 18 dollars... not too bad. I think the whole jacket will cost less than 25 bucks depending on what kind of buttons I buy. (Or maybe I could figure out how to make some buttons...)  It's really interesting fabric, a gold with a grey blue under weave. It should go great with jeans and a scarf. I may have just enough leftover to make a hat.

I'm curious to perhaps try the pants just to wear around the house. The pattern has a super simple basic elastic waist. I'm thinking they might be nice in a soft linen with a drawstring waste and maybe a slight flare to be more of a bootcut.

Here's a pict of me wearing my first sewing experiment at the Mission Viejo Reader's Festival. I ended up sewing the button holes by hand because I couldn't figure out how to do them on the machine. Oh well, one more thing to learn. :-)

So what new things are you learning this Fall? Any sewing tips most welcome.

Best thoughts,


PS If anyone missed my Opera Coat design on Facebook here's the sketch... it's based on a photo of a vintage pattern from I've redrawn it from the photo and now just need to get the file enlarged at Kinkos or Office Max. More later!

“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” ~ Sylvia Plath


  1. You look lovely! Great job! That's not an easy project, Maz! :)

    1. It was a challenge, but I learned a lot. If I do that pattern again, I'll try another kind of fabric. The black crepe was a good weight but it raveled and the seams where hard to finish. Also, it got shiny if the iron was too hot.

      Thanks for the props, my friend, Hugs, Maz. :-)

  2. You are so brave to take on these projects! Good luck with everything!

    1. Thanks, Marcia! I don't know about brave, more oblivious. I just tell myself that if I follow the instructions somehow a jacket will magically appear and that people have been making garments for centuries. That seems to allay my fears, somewhat.

      :-) Big hugs, M

  3. I love the picture! I'm sure the fabric made it much harder to work with .. raveling is a pain! But the result is wonderful.
    I once made three little velvet dresses for my daughter and 2 nieces to be in my brother's wedding.. talk about a tough fabric!
    I like the longer length on the jacket and the buttons.
    Good luck and keep posting results!

    1. Thanks! I will! So far I've cut out the pieces... I'll start sewing tonight. :-)

  4. Great encouragement Marilyn! Thanks.