Monday, August 27, 2012

I made a hat.

Maybe it's because the weather has been so hot and I want it to hurry up and be autumn... 

or perhaps because I've been studying Edward Gorey inkwork...

and paging through old copies of The Illustrated Milliner...
but I found myself wanting a hat. 

Never mind that it's an impractical thought, who has money for such a thing even if one could find one? So I doodled up a pattern. Then I went by Dorell Fabric. They have this marvelous bin of free remnants and I found two fabrics that matched and made this last night. I think it came out pretty spiffy.

Hat craving... sated... for now. 

I'm futzing with the pattern and trying to figure out a way to simplify it a bit. I also want to try to make a brimmed one. Bring on the cold weather. I'm ready.

So what would you make given the time and space?



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  1. love it - years ago when the kids were little my sister went on a hat making binge- polar fleece was newish and all the street vendors/craft markets had this cool kids hat ---but al;iitle outta our range so...she mode one and another and then bigger fiorthe grown ups- it was fun and they were fun -FYI there was an amzing hat exhibit at The Bard Graduate Center in NYc last year - the exhibit maybe archived on their site I bet you'd like it - terry from facebook

  2. This is so cool! Thanks for sharing this millinery adventure!

  3. Oops! Forgot this: there is a place in Berkeley, next time you get up this way, called Lacis and it has lots of stuff and patterns for hat-making, among other things. I've even seen a hat mold there. They also have a clothing (including hats) museum that I just drool over whenever I go there. It's a store for the textile arts, especially lace, so I always spend hours there when I go. Check it out, they also have a website at

  4. Such a great job! I am a sewing fanatic, but have never made a hat. Inspiration!
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

    1. Becky, Thanks, the hat was easy. I'm pretty much rubbish at sewing but I'm trying to get better. I've purchased a jacket pattern that I'm going to attempt.

      Wish me luck.


  5. I love your hat! I want one! I shall have to look for a pattern ~ I wouldn't know where to start with making one up.