Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sherlock Bones and The Mystery of the Kitty Prints

Hmmm, this morning there were oil paint kitty prints all over the desk. I, Sherlock Bones, will get to bottom of this! 


Who could have done such a thing?
The scene of the crime...

The first suspect, Mister Pretty... he says that he was out drinking at the Bathtub...

Then he went to to a musical concert, a production of "Cats".

 My next suspect was McQueen... aka "The Otter"

He says that he didn't do it.

 Oh well, I guess we'll never know. What do you think happened?


  1. Just discovered you and your art through a calendar in a catalog. Beautiful, fun! Wish I could have given these lovely crafts to my kids but they are all grown now. Perfect for little nephews, though! And perhaps one for myself(!) Funny kitties and Mr. S. Bones!

  2. JM! Thanks so much! And I hope that, if you buy one, that you enjoy the calendar. :-)

    Best thoughts,


  3. Time for a polygraph test!

    P.S. So glad to see you're now on blogger... I didn't like the livejournal blog format...

  4. It were Sherlock 'imself, Watson! 'e walked in 'is sleep, 'e did! Mystery solved! :)

  5. Limner! Good guess... But Sherlock Bones' alibi was rock solid. And he would never pitty paw the paints. :-)

  6. You mean no one guessed??? Who done it, doggone it? LOL! Had to come back to my older MacBook to get back here. Is the mystery still a mystery?

  7. Well, if the paw prints don't fit . . . you must acquit. But, just cause one says no, doesn't make it so. It were the cat that did it. The one 'avin a drink, gov. And, Mr. Pretty weren't jus' drinkin, 'e wa'nt. 'E were warshin away evidence! Ha! Mystery solved!

  8. Am going wild-eyed wondering who did it! Will you ever tell? Arrrgh!

  9. In a shocking confession before the jury, Mister McQueen, aka the Otter, confessed to the crime after our hero, Sherlock Bones provided photographs of The Otter's haunches which were BLUE!

    Case Closed...