Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wilson Swain Draws A Hydra from "Magical Creatures"

Wilson Swain is one very fine Illustrator as you can see here:

Wilson is a tall man with a sharpened pencil and a permanent expression of mild surprise.  An illustrator at heart since he was a child growing up on the prairie of Illinois, he now lives in Southern California.  He has had several books published including  'The Castaway Pirates' by Ray Marshall and 'A Nutty Nutcracker Christmas' by G. Riley Mills and Ralph Covert.

I absolutely adore his artwork so when he offered to draw one of the Magical Creatures from Andy's book, I let out an audible squeal and sent him a page to draw.

Behold! The Hydra!

Makes you want to start drawing, doesn't it?

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